28.04.2010: The Streets Twitter Album

Just one month that I posted my last entry here. Fair average. Today, I want to recommend you a music album by a guy called Mike Skinner, better known as The Streets. A bit more than one year ago, he started releasing 11 songs over Twitter for free. You can still download them but the links are not so easy to find since the most interesting search results on Google removed the download link to a package containing all songs. The following links are the original links posted by Mike except for two songs which are marked by an asterisk. The order is random.

I hope you enjoy it. By the way, I booked my flight to Edinburgh last week. It looks like it is slowly getting serious.


28.03.2010: Master of Science

...not yet but hopefully soon. Two days ago, I finished my Master's thesis. You can download it here. The title is “Tableaux for Higher-Order Logic with If-Then-Else, Description and Choice”. Just in case you are curious about the content, have a look at the abstract:

In 2009, Brown and Smolka published four papers about different fragments of higher-order logic and presented corresponding complete tableau systems. These fragments support different well-known logical constants, such as conjunction, disjunction, implication and quantifiers.

This thesis is focused on the integration of new logical constants, namely if-then-else, description and choice. To motivate this goal, we give several independence results: We show that if-then-else is independent of classical simply typed higher-order logic and that description is independent of classical simply typed higher-order logic including if-then-else.

We present a generic tableau system. That is, for any set of logical constants, we show how to construct a cut-free tableau system. We prove completeness with respect to general models. In addition, we investigate in which cases we can achieve completeness with respect to standard models.

I do not expect anyone to understand this. The past year has really been a great time. Let us hope the future gets even better. At the moment, it looks like this will be the case.

Together with the advisor of my thesis, I published a paper which contains parts of the results of my thesis. Two weeks ago, this paper got accepted to IJCAR 2010, the top conference in this field of computer science. I will visit this conference so come to Edinburgh in July and meet me there.

Regarding this site, I will try to do updates more regularly. It is not the first time that I promise this so do not expect too much.